Thursday, April 8, 2010

An Entrance to Remember

Last summer, my lovely bridesmaid sent me a link to a wedding video with a very interesting offer:

From:    Bridesmaid
To:    Nina
Date:    07/24/2009 04:30 PM
Subject:    Walking down the aisle

Nina, I will pay for your entire wedding if you walk down the aisle like this:

On another note, this couple has a huge wedding party.

Bridesmaid :-)

While my dearest bridesmaid will not be shelling out big bucks to pay for my wedding, this was definitely a unique wedding entrance that won't be forgotten. Who knows? Maybe I'll make the bridal party dance their way into the reception, and I certainly have three or four uncles who would do this just for the heck of it.

Are you planning a unique entrance for your wedding? Or do you prefer the more traditional walk-down-the-aisle entrance like me?

Video Source


  1. We are going to do the traditional walk down the aisle.

    We aren't planning any huge entrance to the reception, but JEGs is pretty stoked because we will walk into the room with Harry Kalas' version of "High Hopes". Harry Kalas was the the Phillies announcer for a gajillion years, JEGs is a big fan.


  2. That's is great that you're incorporating that into the ceremony! We haven't really thought about that yet, but when I showed the video to the Mister, he kinda wanted to do the funny entrance. I'm afraid he'll want to blast Don Omar at the church lol