Tuesday, January 19, 2010

December 19, 2009

A month ago today, I found myself in Puerto Rico. It was an almost last minute decision to purchase that plane ticket (I really had to crunch some numbers first). I think deep down I knew I’d be going, no matter what. And why am I writing about this, you ask? Simple: one month ago today, one of my dear friends got married.

It was a simple, yet moving ceremony. She looked absolutely beautiful, and a few of us traveled from different states to attend. Being there made me reflect about what really matters in a wedding. It’s not about budgets and dollar signs, about flowers and centerpieces, or even about vendors and contracts, and how everything ties together. It’s about love, two people vowing to love and honor each other, becoming one. It’s about being surrounded by loved ones on such memorable occasion. It’s about sharing such an intimate and personal moment with everyone you hold dear.

As I continue to plan for my September wedding, I know there will be moments in which I’ll probably become overwhelmed, trying to please my family and all guests. I know my FI will tell me to forget about them all and worry about what we want. I’ll probably obsess about our small budget and how to save on costs, about coordinating color schemes and preparing favors, and I’ll more than likely become lost in the confusing tangle the wedding industry has politely provided for all brides-to-be out there. If this happens, I’ll remember to look back on that December 19th evening, when I was blessed to witness one of my best friends marry the man she loves. I’ll remember how filled with joy I was at being part of such an important moment in both of their lives. And I’ll hope that our guests, our loved ones, feel the same way next September.

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To my friend, in this one month anniversary of your wedding, I wish you nothing but happiness, and many, many years of love and joy for you and your husband. Thank you for letting me be a part of such a big day. May God bless you, him, and your marriage.

Have you attended a wedding that made you remember what’s really important? Has the wedding industry overwhelmed you in any way?

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  1. My college roommate's wedding last May was beautiful. It was the first wedding of a friend I've ever attended. Knowing how conservative and faithful each person was, the wedding represented their entire happy life together.