Thursday, March 4, 2010

Breaking News: Packages Held Captive Rescued

We interrupt our regular wedding programing to bring this breaking news. After being held captive for three days, two precious members of the Mister and Nina Wedding's family were heroically rescued by Mister.

The ordeal began Monday afternoon, when the mister found a ransom note about attempting to deliver two packages. Knowing she'd be at work when the second contact attempt would take place, Nina began running through her options in her head. She could try to contact them by phone or face them directly. She decided to wait, in case the proper authorities wanted to follow a different course of action.

Upon returning from work on Tuesday afternoon, she found another ransom note left for her, indicating a second contact attempt. The threat escalated at that point, with a final delivery attempt scheduled for the following day and, if it failed, both packages would be sent to meet their maker. Nina immediately made phone contact, but after two grueling hours, one of the captors let it slip that the packages "could not be found." Had they tried to escape on their own?

The following afternoon, the mister bravely took the ransom note and drove to a (not so) secluded location, about 40 minutes away, to meet them face to face. Upon trying to rescue the packages, the captors demanded a written statement signed by Nina. Fearing retaliation against her precious packages, Nina quickly faxed them a statement. It was the longest 15 minutes for Nina and the mister, as they waited for the success (or possible failure) of meeting such a demand.

To everyone's relief, the fax came in and the captors accepted such ransom and the mister was able to bring the packages home. The Wedding family was reunited later that evening.

Safe at Home

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