Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Color Confusion

Mister, if you're reading this post and haven't changed your mind about seeing my wedding dress before the wedding, I suggest you hit the back button of the browser!

As I mentioned before, during my appointment at David's Bridal, I was told that the dress I ended up purchasing only came in ivory. I didn't want to let the color prevent me from choosing my dream dress, after all, ivory is close enough to white (or, at least, that's what I kept telling myself the day after my purchase).

For some still-unknown-to-me reason, on Monday morning I really wanted to look at my dress again. So, I went to David's Bridal website and searched for it. And then, I saw it..

Is that... white??? (Source)

No, it couldn't be... could it? Could the dress that I had ordered in ivory two days before be available in white? I quickly scanned the description and, well, see for yourself:

After seeing this, I quickly texted my MOH and she confirmed what I thought, the bridal consultant had told us that the dress only came in ivory. I have to admit, this has been the first time (and only one to date) that I felt like I was going to turn into bridezilla. However, I took a minute to relax, it was probably a misunderstanding. I would just call the store to find out whether or not the dress came in white.

However, one little memory crept to my mind: when purchasing the dress, I was told all sales were final. I hesitated. If all sales were final, what were the chances that they'd change the order if it did come in white? I seriously spent about ten minutes deciding whether or not to call the store. I ended up calling and, boy, am I glad I did!

When I called, I explained to the lady on the line what we had been told at the store, how I ordered the dress in ivory, and how I had just seen in their website that it came in white. The lady was very helpful and patient, she asked a few questions and asked me to hold. When she came back she explained that they had been very busy that Saturday (which was true) and there was some confusion. The dress did come in white, and she offered to change the order from ivory to white for both the dress and the veil. The veil! I hadn't even thought about the veil! But, thankfully, she did and prevented me from ending up with a slightly mismatched dress and veil.

My take away from this experience? Always ask, don't be afraid to ask, no matter what you might have been told. And be kind, calm, and patient. Yes, it's your wedding day. Yes, you want everything to be perfect, but people will be more willing to help you if you're nice and understanding. Trust me, this is true for basically every situation in life, whether it is personal or work-related.

Has there been misunderstandings or confusion with any of your wedding vendors? How did you approach it and how was it solved?


  1. Hey...that's the same dress I bought!

  2. Really?? We have GREAT taste, don't we? :-)