Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Dresses for my Ladies: Inspiration

When I first started thinking about dresses for my lovely ladies, I knew from the beginning I didn't want to choose a dress and a color for them. I didn't want to force them into a particular dress or just because I'm the bride. No, I wanted them to be able to choose a dress that they'd feel comfortable and beautiful in. Unlike Alice Cullen, I don't really enjoy playing dress-up with other people.

Instead, I wanted to give them an overall idea of what my vision for them was, and let them choose a dress that fit within that vision. And what is my vision, you ask? Well, something elegant, simple, and with a vintage feel to it (detecting a pattern here?). Definitely a full-length dress, maybe a tea-length dress. As for the colors, it could be any color within our wedding colors.

For more inspiration, I turned to the interwebs. I wanted to see what was out there that could fit within the wedding's theme. I came across The Dessy Group website, where I found a lot of inspiration!

All images from The Dessy Group website

The problem? Well, the website doesn't really give you the price tag of each dress, but it does let you find a store near you that carries their dresses. Although I decided not to pursue these particular dresses unless we really had to (read: David's Bridal didn't have anything that we liked), finding them really helped me form a clearer vision for my girls.

How did you begin the dress search for your bridal party? Did you choose a dress and/or color, or did you let them choose it?


  1. I really really love the brown one in the middle. The sheer straps is a little different.

    Just a heads up- other then David's Bridal, no manufactuer will give you the price on the websites. They give the stores a base price, and then let the stores price them as they feel fit. If you check out Netbride dot com , you can get a good deal (providing they have that particular dress).

    Good luck on the hunt. I think finding my girls dresses was more difficult then finding my own. My girls are all... curvy.


  2. That is good to know LB! I think David's Bridal spoiled me, I like knowing the prices up front. We did see one in David's Bridal very similar to the brown one, with the sheer straps making it almost like a halter. I don't want to give too much away, but they did try it on and, if it's the right size, it looks great!

  3. You made me so happy using the word "interwebs." Do I detect the mister having an effect on you, or is that your own tech geek self coming out?

  4. Hahaha, nope, that wasn't the Mister. That was actually reading too many blogs (*cough*Weddingbee*cough*) and the I Can Haz Cheezburger? site.