Thursday, March 11, 2010

A Tale of Two Dresses

WARNING: Mister, if you are looking at my blog, do NOT look at this post. I'm serious, move it along!

After trying on four dresses, I was between the Vintage Romance (aka Dress #1) and the Royal Engagement (aka Dress #3).

Dress #1 and Dress #3

I loved the Vintage Romance dress, it had lace, it had sparkle, and definitely felt vintage. However, it only came in ivory (I really wanted a white dress) and it comes with a train (really don't want a train). I also loved the Royal Engagement. It had lots of sparkle, it was white, and it could be ordered without a train. It had a somewhat-vintage feel to it, but it weighted a lot! Not to mention the many layers and underskirt.

When I had Dress #3 on, J (the bridal consultant that was helping me), came with a ribbon and pin to add to the dress, to see if I liked it. And when we found out it could be ordered without a train, my awesome BM tucked the train in and took a picture, so we could visualize what it might look without the train. Too bad we couldn't simulate how much less it would have weighted without it, too!

After trying on Dress #4, I decided to go back into the dressing room and try on Dress #1 again. It was just so light and timeless. J knew I didn't want a train, so she wanted to show me something. She quickly grabbed the train and put it up in a bustle (we had no idea what that was until she showed us!).

I loved how it looked! I had no idea which one to choose! Either vintage and ivory, or white and heavy. It was then when my MOH told me, "Close your eyes and tell me which one you see yourself walking down the aisle with." So I did and I chose...

...Dress #1 - Vintage Romance!

Although Dress #3 was beautiful, it was just too heavy. I could barely sit on it and needed help getting up! It was kinda funny, but definitely not convenient for the reception. Dress #1 was just a dream come true. It had exactly all I was looking for, except for it being ivory, and I could sit and get up without help!!

Did you have a hard time choosing between two dresses? How did you choose?

*Note: All the pictures in the post are personal pictures, and were taken by my girls. 


  1. Dress #1 was definitely the right choice! Loveage!

  2. Oh! I'm so happy you picked that one! It looks STUNNING on you, like it was made for you.

    Congrats on that major check ;)


  3. You look absolutely stunning in the dress you picked! You can tell it's the one because of happy you look too!