Monday, February 15, 2010

February 14, 2009

Yesterday was Valentine's Day, so a belated Happy Valentine's Day to everyone!

I don't think I've ever been big on Valentine's Day, except while I was in grade school. Valentine's Day just seems like a Hallmark holiday to me. Why must showing love and affection be narrowed down to one day? Every day should be Valentine's Day. Everyday is Valentine's Day!

This past weekend, the mister and I celebrated a low-key and wonderful day. You see, while Valentine's Day is not such a unique special occasion in my book, the day holds great significance to me. A year ago, on February 14th, the mister proposed to me. Perhaps it comes as no surprise, after all, many couples get engaged during this day. But it was a surprise to me, which is what makes it special.

See, the mister has always had a hard time surprising me with something. I can be perceptive, and am usually able to pick up subtle differences in his behavior when he's hiding something (trying to do something to surprise me). Truth is, he acts suspicious, I pick up on this, and always figure out he's up to something.

For the first four years of our relationship, we lived 2,000 miles apart from each other. We'd see each other either during Christmas or during summer, so we never really spent Valentine's Day together. It would make sense that our first Valentine's in the same zip code was going to be a big deal. So I was not suspicious at all when the mister drove us to the Grand Geneva for a romantic dinner.

The restaurant was breathtaking! A very stylish steakhouse, with glass windows covering an entire wall. The mister had a cozy, round booth reserved for us, complete with candles and rose petals on the table. As we were enjoying the delicious appetizers, the mister and I were talking. Well, he was talking about us and our relationship, and how it's been for the past four and a half years (it's been quite the roller coaster!). All of the sudden he asks, "Want to make it permanent?", and he's holding a small, white box, with a gorgeous ring in it. I did not see it coming, my brain was working overtime to comprehend that he was actually asking me to marry him. After several seconds of shock, I managed to respond with a "Yes!", and he swapped the promise ring he had given me years before for the absolutely gorgeous and stunning engagement ring.

Yesterday, the mister and I celebrated our engagement day anniversary (or, as I call it, E-Day). Not Valentine's, but something a bit deeper and more meaningful. The anniversary in which the mister popped the question (in his very own and unique choice of words) and I said yes.

How did you celebrate Valentine's Day? Did you get engaged on Valentine's? How did your fiancé pop the question?

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